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A 2-day preparation phase with a digestive cleanse. 

In this weight-loss phase, your body will reset its metabolism resulting in weight loss and improvement of health and quality of life.

Phase 3: Conversion

This phase is where your body stabilizes its weight. You get to discover how much your taste buds and appeal for processed and unhealthy foods have changed.

Phase 4: Maintenance

By the time you achieve this phase, you will know which foods are best to support your body in its functions and stay healthy.


These individual blood values show us your nutrient deficiencies and where you have enough of a specific nutrient to help us determine which foods will have the greatest benefit for your body. Your blood provides a deeper picture of whether you are at risk for inflammation or disease.

Meal Plan


Everything about you is unique, including all your personal information with your eating habits, food intolerances, your medical case history, and everything else that makes you, you. It is this wealth of knowledge that creates your personalized Metabolic Balance nutrition plan that is as unique as you are!



Metabolic Balance evolved out of the observation that nutrition has an enormous influence on the control of the body's natural processes and thus on well-being and health. Food and eating habits that are considered normal today are not fully suitable for everyone and cause the self-regulation of the body to get out of balance. As a result, diseases and obesity arise. Metabolic Balance starts here.


The Metabolic Balance Program's conviction, and Dr. Frances' belief and therapeutic approach are perfectly aligned:


"When we approach the causes and restore the balance of the body, the symptoms of its imbalance disappear."


Metabolic Balance will restore the right balance to your metabolism! That means letting those extra pounds and old habits go, while taking a new direction in life as you enjoy your new healthy lifestyle. Get ready to regain your health and discover a whole new possibility of who you can be.

  • Weight loss

    The Metabolic Balance program can help you shed pounds quickly, while creating sustainable and long-term weight regulation. Independent studies have found that the Metabolic Balance program is one of the top weight loss programs out there today.

  • Reduce disease risk

    The program is designed to support the healing of nutritional diseases in a natural way. It has also shown to reduce a number of factors associated with metabolic syndrome, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

  • Hormonal balance

    Enzymes and hormones help regulate your metabolism. They control important functions of the human body. If you don’t get the necessary nutrients, or you get them in insufficient quantities, your metabolism can easily become imbalanced.

  • Gain vitality & energy

    The right diet plays an important role; not only for your body, but also for your mind. The most beneficial foods for you also boost your brainpower. You feel like you’re in better shape, more youthful, mentally strong, and you can easily keep up with everyday demands of life. The program will also boost your energy to allow you to enjoy every moment of your life!

  • Metabolic reset

    The Metabolic Balance program will help get your metabolism back to its original balanced starting point. Even dietary ailments can improve as well as your quality of life.




  • Sustainable eating habits

    By the time you get to the maintenance phase of the Metabolic Balance Program, you will know what foods are best for you. This is the only weight loss and health program you will ever need. In this phase, 80% of the successful clients will continue to adhere to their plans, while 20% follow their own paths.


Here we answer the most common questions about Metabolic Balance. If you have additional questions, please reach out and we will happy to help you.

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